Albion Online Kicks off Final Beta

With previous beta tests coming to an end, German developer Sanbox Interative has announced the final beta for their Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. Ready to join the battle? With improvements and brand new features added to the final beta, a new adventure is waiting for the 160,000 Founders to explore….


Albion Online trailer features new “classless combat system” for beta next week

Albion Online is entering closed beta on Monday as an isometric MMO with a focus on PvP and sandboxing in a massive open world. That’s supported by a class and combat system that’s quite interesting and debuted in a new trailer today. It involves your role being selectable and modifiable…


Albion Online ditches Free To Play model, closed beta extended by six months

There are three different ‘Founders Packs’ that will let you buy your way into Albion Online’s closed beta, but the game itself was going to be Free To Play at launch—I say ‘was’, because those plans have now been ditched. Albion Online will instead be Buy To Play, AKA That…


Welcome to Hell!

Tune in again this week for tidbits of the Albion Online development and news! Hell Artifact Weapons Demonic Artifact Weapons are coming your way! Here is a sneak peek of three of them: The Wailing Bow, which belong to the Bow line, is as menacing as it looks! The Black…


New Outlands Redesign

We are reworking the Outlands, find out all you need to know here! OCTOBER 14, 2016 AT 6:00 PM BY ENYA Fellow Adventurers, One of the main aspects that we will be working on to get the game ready for release is the new Outlands. These are the areas of…


Crafter Feedback Mechanic

Might be pointless suggesting features at this point but I wish there was some sort of way to reward a crafter for using his own crafted items. I think it would be cool to have some sort of crafter feedback mechanic where if a crafter uses his own item, he…


Refining, Fragment and Transmutation Overhaul

The next content update, Faye, brings with her some interesting changes to the refining progress and more. Why don’t you have a look at what to expect? Essences As it is right now, PvE is underappreciated in our game; especially to those who play in big guilds. While we have…

Albion Rare Resources Value Fix

Albion Rare Resources Value Fix

From my point of view, rare resources x.2 x.3 … ore, hide, lumber etc. are supposed to be: • superior to their flat tier equivalent • harder to obtain • harder to refine • be more expensive/valuable Currently, rare resources are only superior and slightly harder to obtain. Example: Obtaining…

Albion Online NEW weapons, Weekly Roundup, and MORE Ideas!

Albion Online NEW weapons, Weekly Roundup, and MORE Ideas!

Good ideas about the custom avatars representing your profession. It kinda reminds me of how Diablo does it with the frames around your avatar that show progress. Gardening is one of my hobbies so if i can wear some hot peppers around my neck, i’d rock that haha.

Announcing the number of player types in a cluster in the Royal Islands

Announcing the number of player types in a cluster in the Royal Islands

It is always dangerous to promote a game change based on a particular play style. So, feel free to explain how this change would disadvantage other play styles. As a crafter/gatherer, I greatly appreciate the count of players announced in Green Zones. Upon entering a zone, I have some idea…