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Albion Online: Castle Defense

Albion Online: Castle Defense

I really hate voice chat’s general prerequisite usage in pvp today UO was so much better for having come before things like Vent/TS came about.


My Feedback – Love the albion but there is alot to be fixed

Hey there, I have played this game for around three weeks now. And I have come to a point today where i just thought:”why am I even doing this?”. I really liked this game at the start and I am still hyped. But the truth is, that I have crafted…

Ideas for a Better Tomorrow

Albion Online Open World PVP

Part 1 I have never gathered or crafted, so I do not have anything to contribute regarding those 2 aspects of the game. However, I have spent a good amount of time during the beta tests open world pvping. I, like the majority of players who voice their opinions on…

albionguides - Weekly Roundup: More Highlands Revealed!

albionguides – Weekly Roundup: More Highlands Revealed!

The Highlands A new biome is heading your way: the highlands! Home to the Keeper faction, the highlands are stocked full of rock, ore and wood. Here is a look at what you can expect to see in the highlands: The highlands will feature amazing waterfalls. Here is a work…

Albion Online: Returns of 37 x T3 Imbuers

Albion Online: Returns of 37 x T3 Imbuers

So the Labourers are progressing 37 of my 51 are up and pumping mats out in a daily passive cycle, the goal is to push them to T5 at the moment. There will be a 50% increase in daily return when they hit T4 this week. I will post followups…

Albion Reputation System

Revamped Version of Rep System + Bounties

The Revamped Reputation System The reputation system is way more complicated than it needs to be. It’s been overthought and overworked and here is how you simplify it. 4 States of Reputation; Honored Neutral Criminal Outlaw Now we have simplified it into 4 sections we can start to talk about…

yellow Albion PvP

I tried being hostile in a yellow Albion PvP zone

Dear Community and Devs, recently I tried being hostile in a yellow PvP zone. I’ve always wondered why there is no one ever doing that, making yellow zones basically no different than green zones. I quickly understood why: the risk-reward ratio does not make it worthwhile at all. You loose…

Albion Online Casual

Albion Idea’s to Inspire Small Man/Casual

Hello, Been playing the game a week and i’ve grown fond of it but of course theres always room for improvement. Heres my 2 cents, would love some debate and addition. I’m a casual-hardcore (lol u wut m8?) I got a job, but come back home and wanna jump right…

Albion Online

My Albion Online ideas! Please critique

Here are my thoughts. Albion Online is one of the funnest games i have played recently i want to see it succeed! I have personally noticed the population dropping like crazy the past few weeks and i believe it is because the game is not rewarding enough on a individual…

Albion Online PVP

About the world size, proposed economic changes and current albion beta

Hey, I’ll use as base for this post the discussions going around and my personal experience during last beta/current one, plus the proposed changes (mainly the economy changes sneak peek). I’ll divide it by the issues generally mentioned. I) World size and PvP encounters A very common complaint is that…