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Albion Online Suggestions for a more “alive” world and characters

I am not playing the game since too long so I don’t know how it was before this final beta. Maybe some of the situations I have met are because of the current test or just my bad luck.. I will just state the things that were fun&boring for me…

Albion Online: Castle Defense

Albion Online: Castle Defense

I really hate voice chat’s general prerequisite usage in pvp today UO was so much better for having come before things like Vent/TS came about.


My Feedback – Love the albion but there is alot to be fixed

Hey there, I have played this game for around three weeks now. And I have come to a point today where i just thought:”why am I even doing this?”. I really liked this game at the start and I am still hyped. But the truth is, that I have crafted…

Ideas for a Better Tomorrow

Albion Online Open World PVP

Part 1 I have never gathered or crafted, so I do not have anything to contribute regarding those 2 aspects of the game. However, I have spent a good amount of time during the beta tests open world pvping. I, like the majority of players who voice their opinions on…

albionguides - Weekly Roundup: More Highlands Revealed!

albionguides – Weekly Roundup: More Highlands Revealed!

The Highlands A new biome is heading your way: the highlands! Home to the Keeper faction, the highlands are stocked full of rock, ore and wood. Here is a look at what you can expect to see in the highlands: The highlands will feature amazing waterfalls. Here is a work…

Albion Online: Returns of 37 x T3 Imbuers

Albion Online: Returns of 37 x T3 Imbuers

So the Labourers are progressing 37 of my 51 are up and pumping mats out in a daily passive cycle, the goal is to push them to T5 at the moment. There will be a 50% increase in daily return when they hit T4 this week. I will post followups…

Albion Reputation System

Revamped Version of Rep System + Bounties

The Revamped Reputation System The reputation system is way more complicated than it needs to be. It’s been overthought and overworked and here is how you simplify it. 4 States of Reputation; Honored Neutral Criminal Outlaw Now we have simplified it into 4 sections we can start to talk about…

yellow Albion PvP

I tried being hostile in a yellow Albion PvP zone

Dear Community and Devs, recently I tried being hostile in a yellow PvP zone. I’ve always wondered why there is no one ever doing that, making yellow zones basically no different than green zones. I quickly understood why: the risk-reward ratio does not make it worthwhile at all. You loose…

Albion Online Casual

Albion Idea’s to Inspire Small Man/Casual

Hello, Been playing the game a week and i’ve grown fond of it but of course theres always room for improvement. Heres my 2 cents, would love some debate and addition. I’m a casual-hardcore (lol u wut m8?) I got a job, but come back home and wanna jump right…

Albion Online

My Albion Online ideas! Please critique

Here are my thoughts. Albion Online is one of the funnest games i have played recently i want to see it succeed! I have personally noticed the population dropping like crazy the past few weeks and i believe it is because the game is not rewarding enough on a individual…