6 Ways To Get Albion Online Gold and Silver In Game

6 Ways to get albion online gold and silver

Here, I teach you five ways on how to make money in Albion Online early game. If you have tips or questions comment them down below!
Albion online open beta(7/17/2017): OFFICIAL LAUNCH: 03d : 10h. (https://albiononline.com)

6 Ways to get albion online gold and silver

Tip #1: Do your daily expeditions!

  • 30 silver a kill in group expeditions!
  • 3k silver daily
  • 3k completion(Repeatable!)

You can get 7.5K silver every day!

Tip #2: Rush your farm/island!

  • Sell starter gold to gain the silver needed quickly
  • T2 beans to start(Buy seeds from AH!)

Tip #3: Invest in gold early game!

  • Safe investment
  • Cheap gold = Cheap premium status

Tip #4: Buy Albion Gold and Silver!

  • Choose a safe shopping store
  • Compare prices, services,Security and delivery

Shopping store Analysis

You can make a choice according to your situation, I think R4PG(Official Site: https://www.r4pg.com)  and AlbionMall(Official Site: https://www.albionmall.com) is better to buy Albion Online Gold and Silver.

Tip #5: Grind materials!

  • Pick base town
  • Find what material the zones around your town has
  • Focus on the materials plentiful around your town
  • Focus T3-T4 materials

Tip #6: Play the market!

  • Travel to a few different towns
  • Take notes on the price of a variety of items
  • T4 materials/gear/tools are in demand
  • Buy LOW & Sell HIGH

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