Albion Online Gameplay Walkthrough

NEW! Albion Online Gameplay Walkthrough (Let’s Play!) Alpha of Character Creation PVP Multiplayer Online Weapons Crafting with estimated release date. Stay tuned to more Open World Games news, including Albion Online tips, house building, and more!

0:21 What is Albion Online?
1:34 Albion Online’s classes system and open world
2:05 Constructing buildings, owning real estate, and economy
3:05 Crafting weapons, spells, and more
4:06 The Destiny Board
4:31 PVP Multiplayer
5:11 Guilds and territories
6:43 Resources, economy, monster hunting!
7:18 Making your own town and city and home away from home
8:08 Castles and castle sieges
8:38 The Destiny Board
9:15 Horses and ox’s!
10:03 Cross platform: PC, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android
11:05 Estimate on release date
11:20 Let’s play Some Albion Online!

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