Albionmall offers cheap Albion Online Silver for players

Albion Online players must be looking for those who sell Albion Online Silver store, safe and cheap must be the first element.

Play Albion Online players should have a lot of students, their pocket money is also not much, and now has also entered the summer vacation, and pocket money will be less, so the game for the need to upgrade the game role currency will not have much money to buy, which will affect the players on the game experience. However, then I will tell the players a good news.

2017 summer vacation, In order to allow players to have a better gaming experience, specifically for the players to provide concessions, and now, players from Albionmall to buy Albion Online Silver, will receive 5% discount, This is a big temptation ah, will save some money for gamers.

Discount details:

  • Discount items: Albion Online Silver
  • Coupon code: SUMMER_SILVER
  • Discount start time: 2017/07/25
  • Discount End Time: 2017/09/25
  • Discounts: 5%

About Albionmall:

ALBIONMALL established in August 2015, is a world class professional company providing gaming related products and value-added services. Our company has been gathering precious experience and tremendous growth and progress.

We adopt B2C in dealing directly with gamer worldwide. We range selective products, with free customization, specific pricing and secured swiftness as our core objectives, to supply personalized service and products to worldwide Albion Online players.

ALBIONMALL has the professional Technology Team and Sales Team. We can prvide Albion Online Sliver, Gold, Materials, goods, Items, Albion Power Leveling and so on. Shop on AlbionMall is safe and convenient where you can enjoy the wonderful shopping experience. is committed to build a better global gamer service platform, striving towards product diversification and service personalization to the fulfillment of game players’ needs, and hence the total enjoyment of gaming pleasures!

So, players do not have to worry about being cheated, We offer promotions for gamers is not a fake too, please rest assured to buy, If you have a problem with your purchase, you can consult our online customer service online and we will be patient to help you

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