How do players choose Lordaeron or Icecrown?

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The Kingdom of Lordaeron (or the Lordaeron Empire) was a human kingdom mostly located in the northern territories of the homonymous continent. Originally an Arathorian city-state, it was an empire by the time of its fall during the Third War.Ruled by the Property of Menethil, the kingdom took aspect in the birth of the Alliance of Lordaeron shortly ahead of the start out with the Second War. The Kingdom of Lordaeron spearheaded the Alliance forces through the campaign against the Orcish Horde throughout the war. Regrettably, the nation would be practically completely consumed by the Undead Scourge throughout the Third War, which occurred fourteen years later.Lordaeron’s territories are presently contested among the Forsaken, the Alliance, the Argent Crusade, the Scarlet Crusade, along with the remnants of the Scourge.At present, the undead Forsaken control the ruined human kingdom of Lordaeron which consist of Tirisfal Glades, Silverpine Forest, and Hillsbrad Foothills. They also possess a substantial presence within the Plaguelands.

Icecrown is often a zone intended for level 67+ players to quest in, as well as a return to at max level for the Argent Tournament, a daily quest hub that has several vanity rewards. Icecrown, composed literally of solid ice, is the property of the Frozen Throne and Icecrown Citadel. The Lich King’s presence might be felt across the zone, together with the Argent Crusade and Ebon Blade battling all sorts of Scourge horrors. You will find also quest chains covering the Scarlet Onslaught’s final outpost, also because of the presence of the corrupted Vrykul.

I can’t decide where should really I play, both realms seem populated considering that even +-5k on Lordaeron is far from LOW and both realms look attractive to me. Icecrown due to the fact of exp price and Lordaeron due to the fact of its hardcore PvE and no donors. Now, never get me incorrect, I am personally willing to donate and assistance this server as an ex Molten Wow fan and player who spent 2 years straight on Molten-WoW but on the other hand, I’d prefer to encounter the leveling, lore throughout the game and not only novels and youtube and it appears that Lordaeron can offer you me that experience.

So I have a number of concerns:
1. Is it effortless to form an RD group on Lordaeron due to the fact there’s no RDF system implemented?
2. Do individuals of Loarderon truly ask only for over geared individuals for any specific content?
3. Is it doable to expertise a wholesome PvE on Icecrown because of more than geared players with donated gears? I imply, am I not going to become abandoned If I usually do not have sufficient money to increase up my character towards the amount of getting as robust because of the Titan? 😀
4. Because I do not thoughts about the Queue time around the Icecrown due to the fact I have currently planned to donate and skip the queue, 12k appears amazing, so, how is 5k then? Does it feels empty or not? If I remember nicely, Molten had about 2.8k back then when I played and it was adequate even for complete pug full ICC 25.
5. Who’s performing better PvE on Lordaeron and whos doing much better PvE on Icecrown? Hor perhaps a?
So, as a hardcore PvE player who had just about every single ICC achievement and was the Officer of certainly one of the top PvE guilds in the Alliance back then <Invocation>, should really I play on Icecrown or Lordaeron. Maintain in thoughts that I would also play some PvP sometimes (not really serious PvP tho)

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