Who Should Be Playing Albion Online?

We know that many of you have been giving Albion Online a try and that is evident by the amount of folks taking advantage of our Safe Albion Online Silver special offers. But Albion Online is unlike any MMORPG that we have played in quite some. Some have blasted the game for having a really steep learning curve and saying that it is not friendly to players who were not part of the beta and others say that it is fine. But we wanted to share our opinion on who is the type of gamer who should be playing Albion Online.

The first thing we want to address is the player driven economy and that is the only barrier to entry we can see. It may take a while to get used to, but if you have played any MMORPG before then you will have had to do gathering, Albion Online just takes it to the next level. In all honesty, it is not as hard as it sounds.

Albion Online has a lot going for it. There is a lot of different biomes for you to explore and in general, the world is very large and has some epic bosses for you to battle in PVP which can be pretty intense. In general, the combat is a lot of fun and to be honest pretty easy to pick up so you can expect to have some very fun battles. Sandbox Interactive has really done a great job in working with the community and letting players know what is what.

People are getting really hung up on the player driven economy and see that as something they want no part of. But it is actually a lot of fun and very easy to get into so we say give it a go!

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