WOW Arena Championship Guides: European Qualifier Cup #3

The WoW Arena Championship Planet Cup #3 European Qualifier takes location this weekend and will be broadcast reside on Twitch beginning at 18:00 CET Saturday, March three and Sunday, February 4. Casters Wealthy Campbell, Sid “Supatease” Compston, Elliott “Venruki” Venczel, and Mohammed “Ziqo” Beshir will likely be on hand to maintain you on top rated of all of the thrilling 3v3 arena action.

Teams to Watch
With cups 1 and 2 full and moving into the top 8 on the European cup 3 this weekend, teams have been fighting tooth and nail to safe among four spots in the European who will then compete within the Arena World Championship (AWC) Spring Finals.
Two of these teams have performed regularly and have earned comfortable positions in the top rated from the point leaderboards.
1. XRB to the Moon – Having a first-place finish in Cup 1, a third-place finish in Cup two, and confirmed at the very least a Major 8 finish in Cup three, they have accumulated adequate points to confirm their qualification for the LAN. They’ll have to have to create confident they location higher enough in Cup three to earn much better seeding moving into the Spring Finals.
two. Talent Capped Black – Talent Capped Black is inside an equivalent position as XRB for the Moon, but are at the moment undefeated inside the upper bracket which guarantees them at the very least a leading six finish.

The real battle to watch for Spring Finals qualification is between Reformed, 85%, and Tempo Storm.
Tempo Storm, formally generally known as ABC (the reigning World Champions), went into this tournament with 100 AWC points, placing them in the fifth spot just behind Reformed. Reformed with 160 points was knocked out ahead of the Leading eight earning 12 points and making their grand total for the Spring Season 172 Points.
To qualify, Tempo Storm needs to place at the least third, earning 80 points to overtake Reformed. At the moment Tempo Storm is in the reduced bracket which suggests they can’t afford to lose a single series.

Inside the upper bracket, “85%” has brought their ‘A’ game to qualify during the offline portion of Cup three. A roster stacked with two multi-World Champion teammates, Fabss and Boetar, the group identified their stride and are presently locked into the leading six without the need of losing a series.
Group 85% hasn’t located results in the previous two tournaments putting sixth and twelfth. Nonetheless, they appear poised to go all the way within this tournament, getting all ready beat XRB to the Moon and Skill Capped Red. To qualify for only 52 points going into Cup three, they’re going to want to earn no less than 120, which means a second spot or much better finish.
At the moment, Reformed is sitting at 172 earned points after their ninth-place finishes in this cup. Their fate is dependent upon the success of Tempo Storm and 85% in the top rated 8 with the last Spring Cup this weekend.

Tune in this weekend to find out who tends to make it the Spring Finals!To check out the current point standings, tournament schedule, to sign up for the next tournament or watch the VoDs of each of the Arena Cups – head over to

Where to Watch:
English Stream –
German Stream –
Russian Stream –

Tournament Information
Competitors will engage in 3v3 Arena Tournaments on live realms.
Sign-ups are open to all interested parties and no arena rating is required.
Top point earners from North America & Europe will be invited to compete at the Spring Finals in March for their share of $100,000.
Team rosters consist of up to 4-players, but teams can sign-up with 3.
Tournament Mode is required; all gear is normalized while Honor Talents and Artifact Power are maxed.

Prize Pool
1st place: $5,000, 180 points
2nd place: $2,800, 120 points
3rd place: $1,600, 80 points
4th place: $600, 60 points
5th and 6th places: 40 points each
7th and 8th places: 20 points each
9th – 12th places: 12 points each

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